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We Are a Ministry Dedicated To Helping Young Men

Our faith-based long-term, residential ministry offers a healthy and stable environment to receive emotional healing and valuable life skills.

The Ministry

A Christ-centered residential ministry for young men ages 18 to 22.

Families Restored

Helping young men grow to become husbands and fathers.

Give Now

Families are never charged for our life-changing services.

Change Lives

All financial needs are met by the generous support of donors.

Get Involved

Join the mission of changing lives and restoring families.


There are many meaningful ways and opportunities to make a difference.

Testimonials of Lives Changed

Nikolas, YRGC graduate

“Youth-Reach was where I first encountered the Lord and saw a dramatic shift from religion to relationship. I came to understand that it wasn’t about doing things right; the Lord just desired communion with me. YRGC helped shape my foundation with Christ and launched me into his amazing plan for me. My experience was life-transforming and it is a key part of my testimony and where I am today.”

Nikolas, Program Graduate, 2020
Andy, YRGC graduate

“I believe that the people God has placed here at Youth-Reach really care and want to know about your story, hurts and heart. Never have I felt more at home in my life. This is what God designs family to be.

Andy, Program Graduate, 2020

Healing Past Wounds & Restoring Families

Facilitated by experienced and respected counselors, Youth-Reach Gulf Coast is a faith-based, long-term home intended to heal past wounds, break generational curses, and restore families. Young men ages 18-22 receive intensive counseling and support for developing character, responsibility, and a strong work ethic on our 81-acre campus in rural Summerdale, Alabama.

The healing that occurs reaches far beyond the lives of the residents. Families are restored and as these young men grow and become husbands and fathers, their wives and children also benefit from the important lessons these young men learned while at Youth-Reach Gulf Coast. Not only do we facilitate emotional healing and healthy relationships, but practical skills for daily living as well, such as gardening, home care, auto maintenance and carpentry.

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