Curt Williams, Founder & Executive Director

For weeks I have thought about the concept that I am about to share with you, and I am going to add this to the parenting book that I am determined to finish in 2018.

I was recently watching a sports telecast when they focused on a football star who’s mother had sacrificed greatly for him. For years she worked two jobs and helped him each night with his homework. She was determined to provide her son with a better life than she had experienced. She was uneducated and could only read at a 5th grade level. Her dedication to the goal of a better future for her son drove her. It really was an inspiring story, and this story has been played out in America for several generations.

But this story has now run its course. It has been an admirable quest to provide a better future for our kids. When America was a nation of immigrants, those who came here worked hard and provided, with each generation, a better and better life for their families.

I believe that we have now reached a tipping point, where providing a better life for our kids is no longer healthy.Click To Tweet

Our kids have it great. They live in climate-controlled environs, with clean water at every tap and food that they consume for entertainment and taste….as they have never felt hunger. They take for granted a free, twelve-year education. Today the dropout rate is a testimony of the way many young people disdain this free education that for most of the world is a rare offering. Few kids that I meet know what it is to sweat, to work, and to get a blister from manual labor. I’m astounded that parents of teenage boys pay a lawn service to care for their property, and forgo the beautiful opportunity to teach their sons to work.

We have now tripped the wire, and any further effort put into bettering our children’s lives is now counter-productive. By giving them a more and more plush life, we are robbing them of character and honor, which is only derived from overcoming adversity. Click To Tweet

In America, with all of our technology, conveniences and comforts we are NOT raising stronger kids. We are raising the weakest and most unprepared generation America has ever produced. The majority of kids, when entering adulthood, are woefully unprepared for the challenges of life, and this is due to parents indulging their every whim.

So if you are raising kids now, maybe you should do an inventory and list all of the things that you are doing for your children that are not contributing to their
maturity. When I teach my RESOLUTIONS Parenting Seminar, one of the guarantees I give the parents is that they will not leave with a long list of things
to do, because they are already doing too much.

Just remember, you cannot train your children to face adversity by protecting them from adversity.

Maybe you need to be adversity. Here at Youth-Reach, we are helping young adult males complete the journey from boyhood behaviors to the demands of adulthood, and we are forever grateful for your prayers and support.