At Youth-Reach Gulf Coast, we depend heavily on volunteer and financial support to operate our 24/7 full-service residential ministry to the young men we serve.

Since 2008, hundreds of young men ages 18-22 all over the Gulf Coast have been given a safe place to become strong men of God, receive emotional and spiritual healing, learn valuable life skills, and have their physical needs (food, clothing and shelter) provided for. Click To Tweet

You can be a part of the life-changing work we’re doing here in several ways:

  • Prayer Support: First and foremost, we want the Lord’s covering to be over everything we do. We are grateful for your prayers for the ministry.
  • Meal Program: Schedule a time to bring a meal for the residents and on-duty staff. This program helps us make each dollar stretch as far as possible. The cost of food is one of our biggest expenses.
  • Volunteer Staff: Our volunteer staff work alternating night shifts. The schedule is flexible and can accommodate most volunteers (once a week, once a month, etc.). Volunteer staff members must be male, at least 25-years-old, and able to provide references to participate.
  • Group Service Projects: We operate on an 81-acre campus east of Summerdale, Alabama. With a site this large containing multiple homes and support buildings, there are always projects waiting for helping hands to aid in construction, renovation or repair work.
  • Financial Support: We are a community supported ministry. Residents and their families are never burdened by the high costs associated with providing a full-service, 24-hour a day residential program. Ongoing, recurring support is essential to funding our operations.

Thank you for considering how you can become a part of raising strong men of God on the Gulf Coast! We hope that you become a part of this life-changing ministry.