Harold CrowleyLast month, one of our longest serving board members, Harold Crowley, informed our Youth-Reach Gulf Coast (YRGC) Director and Executive Director that he and his wife would be relocating to north Alabama and he would therefore be submitting his resignation to the YRGC Board of Directors.

This resignation was accepted, but not without regret and a bit of sorrow. Harold has esteemed himself as a valuable member of the team that holds Youth-Reach to the highest levels of integrity and stewardship. Through times both good and challenging, Harold has been a steady hand on the wheel, walking us through growth pains, leadership transitions, crises and blessings.

We are deeply grateful for Harold and his wife Joann who have both served their Lord Jesus and the ministry of Youth-Reach well. Harold’s wisdom, attention to detail, and unflinching integrity will be missed, and we pray that in this next season they would be just as fruitful as they were in their time with us.