Sometimes the Lord’s Love comes in the form of cream puffs and cookies. Other times he shows up in the form of brown paper covered tables, two turkeys, a ham, and all the fixin’s. Sometimes, I️ see him in the wink of a husbands eye as he gazes on his bride. His love comes in the form of small children running in and out of the house, forgetting to shut the door every single time. Sometimes he shows up in the form of a bonfire that warms tired souls. His strength shows up in the brave faces of 13 young men. He shows up in an Uno game between new friends, in coffee with heavy cream, and conversations of dreams.

His grace shows up in the staff and their many children.

As we set apart a day to give thanks, he shows up in hundreds of different ways at Youth-Reach Gulf Coast. He shows up…time is sacred…don’t miss Him showing up. Don’t miss Him in the midst of long days. Don’t miss Him.

~ Summer Williams