Beyond all else, the health and safety of our residents is our top priority. Since opening our doors, we have cared for hundreds of young men in an environment that stresses order, cleanliness, and structure. Young men find compassion and a true sense of family at Youth-Reach Gulf Coast.

During the crisis currently facing everyone on the planet, where a new and dangerous virus is threatening not only lives, but our very way of life, we are making every effort possible to do our part to defeat this threat.

As many of you know, with our location and the blessings of a productive campus, we are in a unique position to not only thrive during this time, but to offer what we can to those in need. Within reason, we must limit access to our campus to isolate our staff and residents from exposure to this virus. As has been noted, the young and healthy are not the primary risk group when it comes to this particular virus strain. Yet we recognize that every one of us holds a responsibility to do all within our power to remain healthy and infection free as to not contribute to the spread.

Here are the steps we are making to mitigate our risk and the risk to the greater population:

  • Though some residential programs have made the hard decision to temporarily close their doors, Youth-Reach Gulf Coast will remain open and in full operation.
  • We are instituting an even more rigorous cleaning and sanitizing protocol within the young men’s residences, food preparation areas, Life Skills Building, office and staff residences.
  • We are instructing the staff and residents to wash their hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and with a disinfecting handwash.
  • We will begin immediately to limit outside activities for residents and staff until the risk is minimized.
  • Please understand that we must immediately impose a strict visitor policy, limiting those who enter our property to those who have specific business here on our campus and those who reside here until further notice.
  • We are redirecting deliveries to eliminate face-to-face contacts with delivery drivers.
  • Until further notice, we are limiting new resident intakes to those who are in distress in their current environment, who come by car only, and who are clear of Covid-19 symptoms.
  • We will teach and require proper hygiene to our staff, residents and staff families.
  • We will seek to protect the most vulnerable among our staff and residents by limiting their outside exposures.
  • We are taking steps to replace outside events and opportunities with more structured games, activities and recreation on campus.
  • We will quickly isolate anyone who displays the documented early symptoms of Coronavirus, report these situations promptly, and do all we can to see they receive all medical care that is necessary.
  • We will stay positive, realistic, faithful and well-informed.
  • We will adhere to any and all directives imposed by health and law enforcement authorities.
  • We will keep the parents of our residents informed of the situation here at Youth-Gulf Coast as the situation develops.

We are fully committed to all of the above measures, plus we have stocked our pantries and freezers with enough provisions to last several weeks without having to replenish. We have a thriving poultry and livestock program, and a productive garden as for the last few years we have been working to become more self-sufficient.

We are aware that many of our supporters are going to be facing their own financial stresses during this season. We are also limiting our spending to operate as wisely as we possibly can. Yet, we must ask that if you can continue your regular giving, please do so. And if you do not regularly support our work, but can afford to do so, we will need that provision and we will be deeply grateful.

Above all else, please keep Youth-Reach in your prayers, as we seek to weather another storm in our history. Thank you for your love and support….Together we can all come out of this blessed, healthy and stronger than before.



Curt Williams                                               David Williams
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