At Youth-Reach Gulf Coast (YRGC), we are blessed to be a part of a community that invests heavily in helping us accomplish our mission of raising strong men of God. Smith Prestwood, founder of Prestwood Law Firm, and his wife, Jessica, have supported our ministry heavily since they first visited our 81-acre Summerdale, Alabama campus about six years ago with a life group from their church. They’ve never looked back.

“I love being able to add value to an organization that is so well-run,” said Smith. “The staff at Youth-Reach Gulf Coast use everything you do out there to its fullest extent.”

Smith makes sure he has a consistent presence at YRGC, visiting at least once a month.

“I know that the residents out there didn’t have much dependability in their life prior to being at Youth-Reach.”

When he isn’t playing basketball with the residents, he and Jessica typically volunteer their time by serving with another couple to prepare meals they share with the young men. After the meal, the group spends time together fellowshiping as one big family. One of Smith’s favorite volunteer experiences is hosting crawfish boils for the residents and staff.

“Youth-Reach gives young men who don’t see any way to go except a negative road a chance to make a change for the positive.” He adds, “It’s an opportunity for a better life for the young men who are willing to submit to the process and put in the work.”

Graduation Day is one of the rites of passage for launching these young men into that better life. Jessica remembers the significant impact that a graduation she and Smith attended had on her.

Micah was graduating and his father got up and made a speech,” she recalls. “Micah’s father had such appreciation and gratitude for his boys being saved.”

Experience the Work of YRGC Firsthand

Aside from investing time in our ministry, Smith’s business, Prestwood Law Firm, is one of the title sponsors for our upcoming 9th Annual Golf Tournament. Smith encourages everyone who can to go out and visit YRGC to meet the boys. “Talk to them about how things were before they came to YRGC. Learn about the opportunities your support can provide for them. Once you experience the work of this ministry firsthand, I don’t think you could say ‘no.'”

Smith adds, “Whether you’re giving time, food, or money, every bit of it will go to benefit young men who need it. No matter how you get involved, nothing is wasted.”

Learn more about how you can get involved in the life-changing ministry of YRGC by visiting the Get Involved page of our website. Start making a difference in the lives of the young men we serve by bringing a meal, becoming a member of our Founders’ Circle, or contact us to talk to someone about what the Lord has placed on your heart.

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