One of the most effective ways that supporters of Youth-Reach Gulf Coast (YRGC) continue to make a difference is through prayer.

Your prayers not only help soften the hearts of our residents and bring them freedom through Jesus, but they also help sustain our staff in times requiring perseverance and love.

Please take a moment to lift up everyone in the YRGC family in prayer, and pray for these four wonderful residents:


Justin has spent a lot of time humbling himself and laying down pride. He has also walked in more faith recently by deciding to step out and pray for people.


Blake has really gotten into learning to play worship music. He is one of the most selfless guys at Youth-Reach. He is currently working towards completing his GED.


Jared is one of the hardest workers we’ve ever had at YRGC. His humor is amazing but not as amazing as his fluency in three languages. We just celebrated his 21st birthday.


Owen is an intelligent young man with a heart of gold. He sees the world in a unique way and is always hungry to learn more.

As always, thank you for supporting our mission to raise strong men of God! Your prayers matter.