This is Rian.

If you know him, you know what a wonderful young man he is and how hard he has fought to get to where he is. He has always had a heart for justice and a real fighting spirit. His tremendous work ethic has also helped so many during our hurricane relief and community outreach efforts. He is now very close to earning the opportunity to put those wonderful qualities to work serving all of us within one of the most elite parts of the U.S. military.

If you know Rian, you probably also know how much he loves this car that he bought himself with cash he earned working as an electrician three years ago. It has served him well! However, it is no longer practical given the path he is now on and he is trying to save money to replace it. The problem is that the military doesn’t pay anywhere near as well as being an electrician apprentice, and we all know that cars, both new and used, are not getting any cheaper.

We are trying to garner financial support to help him buy a newer, more practical vehicle to serve him for the many years he will be serving us.

He is planning on visiting with us during the Christmas holiday and we would love to surprise him by taking him car shopping. You are likely seeing this because you know and love Rian, but you could also help by promoting this effort amongst people whom you know.

Although some will give much, just giving up a latte or two for Rian between now and Christmas would help so much.

Anything you give will be tax deductible, and 100% of it would go towards Rian’s new vehicle. Thank you in advance for anything you are willing to give, and for helping us bless Rian in such a special way this Christmas.