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Meet Micah >> Youth-Reach Gulf Coast Graduate

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At the young age of just 12-years-old, Micah began using drugs and by the time he started high school, he was known as “that guy who could get his hands on anything.” Although he graduated at the top of his class, he passed up numerous scholarship opportunities because of the money he was making selling drugs. [...]

Life at YRGC During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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 We are grateful to report that YRGC residents are growing stronger spiritually, emotionally, and physically during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each day here begins with 2-3 hours of physical activity (running, weight lifting, etc.) followed by prayer/daily devotion, one-on-one Biblical counseling sessions, Bible study, work projects and tending to the grounds. Instead of sending our residents [...]

Nashville Tornado Relief: Finding Chaos & Bringing Peace

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YRGC recently sent a team of staff and residents to help with Nashville, TN tornado relief efforts. We worked in the hardest hit, most poverty stricken areas for three days. While most of our time was spent removing trees and other debris from homes, roofs, and front yards, we also tarped damaged roofs to help preserve as [...]

YRGC Sustainable Living Projects

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As a part of our commitment to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus in our community, we are restricting all non-essential trips off campus and are using this time to work on the sustainable living resources we’ve already been developing. Our staff and residents enjoy making the most of the God-given resources available to cultivate on [...]

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