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Meet the Chainsaw Army

We are proud to be a part of the “Chainsaw Army,” a partnership of disaster relief teams in the Alabama Gulf Coast region.

As part of the recovery and discipleship services we offer, we train young men to be “the hands and feet of Jesus” by offering relief services when natural disasters strike. By putting our hands to work in the aftermath of tornadoes, hurricanes and floods, we minister to hurting neighborhoods and devastated communities through:

  • Clearing debris
  • Installing tarps on damaged roofs
  • Addressing pressing community needs
  • Demolishing buildings ruined by floods
  • Removing trees. A lot of trees.

We’re the Chainsaw Army.

You can support our disaster relief projects, offer relief to hurting communities, and help rebuild lives by supporting these ministry efforts.

Our Disaster Relief Missions

September 2021 — We cleared trees, cleaned debris, and distributed clean water within days of the catastrophic hurricane’s landfall.

September 2020 — When a hurricane devastated our own region, toting tornadoes and dumping 20 inches of rain, the Chainsaw Army was there with emergency help.

August 2020 — We trekked to southwest Louisiana and as evacuees returned home, we partnered with local ministries to offer hope, relief, and of course, tree removal.
March 2020 — We worked for days in the hardest-hit communities and most poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Middle Tennessee.
October 2018 — We traveled the Florida panhandle and worked to help rebuild Mexico Beach and Panama City, cities that experienced the brunt of Hurricane Michael.
August 2018 — Our team of 20 people took four vehicles and two trailers to ease the burden for victims of Hurricane Florence that steamrolled the east coast.

August 2017 — Our team responded to help the hardest-hit communities in Houston after Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas and Louisiana, causing catastrophic flooding and more than 100 deaths.

Our Army’s Compatriots & Allies

Our Chainsaw Army of relief and restoration values our friends and ministry partners, including:

  • WhiteDove Ministries
  • Freedom Church (Pensacola)
  • Frontline Ministries
  • Operation: Lost Sheep

Labor of Love Opportunities

As the need for laborers grows, work alongside us through:

  • Volunteering to do strenuous, physical labor
  • Cooking meals for workers
  • Caring emotionally and spiritually for evacuees and disaster victims

Partnership Through Resources

We want to partner with you and your organization. Support this work with your:

  • Housing for traveling relief teams
  • Chainsaws, tarps, and other equipment
  • Fuel for vehicles, chainsaws, generators, and other tools
  • Financial support for relief needs
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