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Restoring Lost Futures

Youth-Reach Gulf Coast seeks to provide a fresh chance to young men ages 18-22 by introducing them to Jesus, giving them a quality education and teaching them valuable life skills. We offer a stable and healthy environment where residents can learn, grow and thrive. Facilitated by screened, experienced and respected staff members, Youth-Reach is a long-term program intended to heal past wounds and restore families.

The services provided by Youth-Reach are offered at no cost to our residents or their families thanks to the generous support of the individuals, civic groups, foundations and churches.

All residents have chores everyday that can range from washing dishes to doing laundry. Each resident rotates through the various chores so that everyone shares the work load. Work projects are also a frequent activity that helps to maintain the homes and property here where we all live. This might look like building a fence, mowing the grass, or fixing a broken window. Typically, on Saturdays, we will have a work project, or community service project of some kind.

Youth-Reach is a voluntary program – you have the choice to come here. We want to work with young men that are willing to receive the help that we have to offer.  We want to help young men overcome and offer them an opportunity to learn valuable life skills – but they have to want it! Youth-Reach doesn’t work for a young man who is being forced to come here.

Our goal is to equip each person who comes into our program to meet the complexities of real life and show them what being a man that follows God looks like.


The applicant must want to engage in and benefit from our program.

Young Men, 18-21

Residents receive help developing their character, responsibility and a strong work ethic.

No Cost

Residents and their families are under no financial obligation.

Donor Funded

The generous support of our donors make our services possible.


We work closely with, and are supported by, numerous Christian organizations and churches.


We are a Christian ministry built on the foundation of God’s Word.


A resident can stay here for as long as they need a home and continue to make progress.


We provide a full-service, 24-hour a day residential program.

Building Strong Men & Restoring Families

There are many programs that address behavioral issues but few that integrate the life-changing, healing power of Jesus. Our faith-based long-term, residential program has impacted hundreds of lives on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Young Men are given the opportunity to learn how to be a strong man of God from working and living alongside other strong men of God.

Our Application Process

Our application process for admittance to Youth-Reach Gulf Coast consists of three (possibly four) steps and an intensive screening process. This process must be initiated by the potential applicant.

  • Step 1

    Initial Phone Interview

    The applicant calls the Youth-Reach Gulf Coast office to conduct an initial phone interview. At this point, the applicant must be interviewed to determine if the applicant meets the criteria for admission. The applicant must be the one initiating this process.

  • Step 2

    Complete Application

    Complete the application for admission and return it to the Youth-Reach Gulf Coast office. To expedite this phase, all of the forms should be completed as instructed. Incomplete forms or missing information will only slow the process.

  • Step 3

    Secondary Phone Interview

    After the application is received and reviewed, our staff will schedule the secondary phone interview with the applicant to discuss content and more questions/concerns from the application. It may be the decision of the staff to schedule a personal interview where the applicant will be interviewed face-to-face.