Our Why & How

Our mission and core values guide everything we do at Youth-Reach Gulf Coast.

Our Mission

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We never charge for the life-altering programs and services we provide.

The Mission of Youth-Reach Gulf Coast is to restore the lost futures of our residents.

We do that by giving them:

  • The opportunity to hear and accept the good news of a healing and transformational relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • An individualized and comprehensive guidance strategy that assesses each young man’s gifts, interests and talents to help them determine the best course for their future.
  • Critical, required life skills that will enable and equip them to achieve positive and measurable goals in life.

Finding Identity in Christ

We are a faith-based, relationship-focused organization that helps broken young men find freedom and purpose. There are many ways you can partner with us to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Youth-Reach Gulf Coast Core Values

Foundational Principles

Our Core Values

We are a modern day work of God.

Our efforts are focused as to be obedient to Jesus Christ, to reflect His character, and with the goals to both honor His name and complete His commission.

Trusting God for our needs, and not charging clients, will always be our practice.

The provisions made to our residents and their families will never come with a financial cost.

Treating one another, our residents, parents and all others we touch with honor and respect is our normal behavior.

In both public discourse and private conversation, we speak to and about others with respect and honor.

We will protect our residents from any and all forms of threat, injury or harm.

We protect our residents, and our vigilance is thorough and we never place at risk a resident emotionally, physically or spiritually.

We practice the example of the New Testament believers as we live in community and experience life together with honesty, joy and sacrifice for one another.

Sharing life together as staff, staff families, residents, volunteers and friends reflects to the world the love and grace of Christian community.

We care for and maintain all the Lord provides with meticulous stewardship.

From financial donations to buildings, grounds, vehicles and equipment, we maintain all with grateful care.

We will be joyful, willing and sacrificial givers.

Youth-Reach not only receives, but liberally gives of time, resources and offerings.

We are a grateful people.

Our hearts are grateful, and we communicate our thankfulness to our donors, our volunteers and one another with sincerity and consistency.