At Youth-Reach Gulf Coast (YRGC), we are grateful to have the support of volunteers who pour their lives into helping us raise strong men of God. Tia Morris is a committed volunteer who holds a particularly special place in the hearts of the young men we serve.

She and her husband, Ronnie, frequently host our residents at their home, attend events, join us on outings, and have even assisted with disaster relief efforts. The young men we serve have been blessed with hot meals, help with cultivating manners, discipleship, and activities such as painting or building birdhouses thanks to the Morris family’s investment in our ministry.

“I love each of these boys dearly as my own,” said Tia. “I pray that there’s one tiny little contribution that I’ve made in their lives that they would see Jesus in me and find hope for their future.”

She is passionate about helping residents understand that God has a plan for each of their lives. “They are not “throw-away boys,” said Tia. “They just need to accept the love of the Father and learn how to become strong men of God. When we raise healthy young men, they grow up to be good husbands, fathers, and ministers in their own families and communities.”

The young men at YRGC have also blessed Tia on more than one occasion throughout her time as a volunteer. Tia remembers when the residents volunteered to help her elderly mother make the move to a new home. That particular experience revealed the heart of YRGC to Tia – to help build character, responsibility, and a strong work ethic in their residents.

When asked what advice she would give to anyone else thinking about getting involved with YRGC, Tia shared, “Youth-Reach is a well-run organization that makes a tremendous impact on these boys lives. Therefore, the time and finances you would invest in Youth-Reach will be well worth it. I promise that you will get more than you give.”