Youth-Reach Gulf Coast (YRGC) exists because there are young men with a great need for discovering their God-given identity. They are men who have lost their sense of value and purpose. Many of them grew up without fathers and had no one to demonstrate the what it looks like to be a real man.

YRGC is a relationship-based ministry. We walk alongside guys who are lost and broken and show them how to live a life of freedom through Christ. All of our staff members live on campus and spend day in and day out with those we serve. We challenge these young men to rethink the ways they have approached life in the past and help them see that God’s ways always produce fruit. They also have the opportunity to witness healthy relationships between husbands and wives, fathers and children, as we model the Lord’s design for family.

In addition to spiritual development and emotional healing, we place a high value on physical health and stamina. Workouts are a part of our daily routine, preparing men to protect their families and defend their fellow man. We’re so proud of the men who go on to serve our country in the military. Here at YRGC, we recognize and celebrate the freedoms we have in America, and we honor the brave men and women who risk their lives to keep this nation free. Here are a few of our grads who are actively serving:

When you invest in our ministry, you help us develop strong, courageous men who will fight for their families, for their country and for what’s right. And we’ll keep fighting for the “one”—the guy who has lost all hope—guiding him toward the greatest hope on earth, which is found in Jesus Christ.

Please consider making a special year-end gift to help us equip even more men to fulfill their God-given purpose.